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    Need International Assistance for Online Card Purchases? Please Post Here

    With a growing number of sellers on eBay and other venues that refuse to ship internationally, people have had to turn to friends and intermediaries in order to get their desired cards. In order to give people a one-stop shop for such a thing, SCF is offering this thread as a home base area for members who are willing to aid other members with international transactions.

    You can use this thread to post requests (i.e. I need assistance from a US buyer) to have people contact you, or you can post to state that you are willing to help out your fellow SCF members (i.e. if you need shipping from Canada, I can help).

    Please note that if you step forward to offer assistance you are not obligated to help out with every request that may comes your way, but on those occasions where you do accept to help out a member it is good practice to follow through.

    Members can (but are not required to) use the SCF Trade Manager to set up transactions ONCE THE CARD HAS BEEN RECEIVED BY THE INTERMEDIARY. Please keep this in mind at all times - it is like any other transaction that involves incoming cards - we don't allow members to post trade threads about cards that are not in-hand and we do not want to see you put yourself at risk. If the card gets lost/damaged on the way to you from the eBay seller, that can pose a problem, so do not use the Trade Manager until you receive the card and ensure that it is in the proper condition.

    You do not have to set up anything in the Trade Manager, but keep in mind that if you make that choice and something goes awry between the time the intermediary sends the card and you receiving/not receiving it, SCF will have no responsibility for any issues that may arise.

    This is a great way for members to interact with new people and give each other a helping hand with their collections. It is intended to be a positive feature in which we can enhance the community sense of SCF - please treat it as such, and hopefully we can all make a few new online friends in the process.

    If the number of people willing to offer assistance reaches substantial enough numbers, and people are willing to consent to it, we can build a permanent list in this original post for contact list purposes.
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    Need help from a US ebayer. Item ends in 4+ days

    Wantlist: Hidden Content .

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    Need help from an American friend. $2.99BIN. HELP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wickabee View Post
    Need help from an American friend. $2.99BIN. HELP!
    PM coming Wick!

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    Need help from a US buyer for an auction ending in 3 days(and possibly for a separate issue). Please and thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattDMC View Post
    PM coming Wick!
    Been massively negligent in this, but a HUGE thanks go out to MattDMC for helping me get my hands on my second Danny Watkins /10. Thank you again!

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    Need assistance for high end collector's item. Preferably somebody in the North East of US to save on shipping overall. Please contact me by PM. Thanks :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_nange View Post
    Need assistance for high end collector's item. Preferably somebody in the North East of US to save on shipping overall. Please contact me by PM. Thanks :)
    Pm coming at you!

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    Help from someone in the US needed


    two rare PC cards for me recently popped up on Ebay and neither seller is willing to ship internationally. Both are located in the US so if some kind soul over there could purchase the cards for me and mail them over to Finland I'd really appreciate it. One of them was a BIN which I actually already hit before seeing the seller won't ship overseas (trying to negotiate with him still but didn't get any response yet so the card is not available until he either provides me with shipping quote or cancels my BIN) and the other one only allows bids from the US. Please send me a PM if you are willing to help with this.

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    Got the help I needed so this can be disregarded now.

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