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    Nice new autos f\t for Mavs stuff & Rodman auto(Reed contenders, Shaq, Bosh, Suggs)

    Looking for nice Mavs stuff & a Rodman auto. Maybe something ealse if it really catches my eye

    02 Playoff Contenders Ed Reed Rookie Ticket rc auto #d /550
    03 Playoff Contenders Terrell Suggs Rookie Ticket Auto #d /564
    95 Sup Pix Terrell Davis auto bv $25?

    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Shaquille O'Neal auto\jsy bv $80 (Need something real nice, like a 98-99 SPA Dirk rc
    03-04 Ultra Chris Bosh rc auto #d /350 bv $50
    03-04 UD Rookie Exlusives Richard Hamilton auto bv $15

    71 Topps Terry Bradshaw rc ex-mt (Books for $200 in nrmt, looking for $60-80 in trade)
    89 Score Troy Aikman #270 bv $25
    89 Score Deion Sanders #246 bv $15
    04 Fleer Sweet Sigs Steven Jackson rc #d /39 bv $40 04 SP Authentic Sean Taylor #d /1199
    98 Collectors Edge Peyton Manning RC
    72 Topps Archie Manning RC (ex) looking for $8 or so trade
    91 Pro Set Power Brett Favre RC bv $8
    99 Stadium Club Daunte Culpepper RC BGS 8 bv $6
    93 Pro Set Power Trent Green rc bv $10

    97-98 Topps Chrome Tim Duncan #115 bv $50 (need something nice)
    02-03 Topps Chrome Amare Stoudemire #126 bv $25
    03-04 Ultra Chris Bosh Lucky 14#174 (#470 of 500) bv $25


    86-87 Fleer Magic Johnson bv $20

    02-03 Hoops Jason Kidd Rare Air jsy bv $15
    04 Flair Power Swatch Donavan McNabb jsy #d /200 bv $15

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    nice sig. that south park really rocks.

    like your shaq auto/jsy

    check my lcustomized list. if you want to check the full list, check my tradepage.
    some decent mavs here

    devin harris
    04-05 Sweet Shot Signature Shots
    04-05 Bowman SOTF auto
    04-05 Fleer Throwback Defining Authentic Auto Jersey 43/50
    04-05 UD SPA Dual Auto Pavel & Harris

    04-05 UD Hardcourt Hardwood Commemoratives Jerry Stackhouse
    04-05 Fleer Genuine Genuine Article Josh Howard #52/125
    05-06 UD SPGU Triple Patch Dirk Nowitzki, Michael Finley, Marquis Daniels #9/10
    03-04 Fleer Authentix Balcony Josh Howard #214/250
    04-05 UD Trilogy Court Collection Jason Terry #1/100
    04-05 Topps Chrome Refractor Michael Finley
    03-04 Topps Darrell Armstrong #416/500
    00-01 Fleer Showcase Showstoppers Jerry Stackhouse

    lmk if you need any scan, i can also do a card+cash deal..but not just buying.

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    86-87 Fleer Magic Johnson bv $20

    I could use this for my set. I dont have much though to offer you in those players. I could give you a 87-88 Magic that books for $25. Check my list pleas.e

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    softball, I like the Tradition LeBron rc & the Bowmans Best Kobe. Are either of those availablr?
    plmk & thanks,

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    those are my two favorite players. is there anything else you like?

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    Brian, I would need one nice Mav auto or a SPA Dirk rc for the Shaq. See anything ealse?
    plmk & thanks,

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    softball, just the Marion auto & I know you dont wanna give an auto for it

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    the marion auto books for 15.00. if the magic is in relly good shape i could maybe do it.

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    Its verrry nice. Great color, sharp corners. a little o\c. probably 60-40. I can do the Magic for the Marion & if your not happy w\ it, I'll send the Marion back.
    plmk & thanks,

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    next time then..:(

    i think my harris auto are nice enough..i can do a cash+card trade if you dont mind..

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