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    My signed Saku Koivu 1000th gamer!

    Hey guys, I finally got my Saku Koivu 1000th gamer back from the private signing here in Edmonton. I'd like to thank everyone that offered my advice on whether I should/should not get this thing signed. People that against getting it signed raised some great points, and to be honest if it was just some player's game worn jersey, I probably wouldn't have had it done. But this is a special piece of my favorite player's career, and the centerpiece of my entire collection. And the last thing I would ever consider selling if it ever came to that. So I decided to get it done. And I dont regret it at all!

    First, I also got a personalized 11x14 photo done, to replace my unpersonalized 8x10 of Saku, currently hanging on my "Habs Wall":

    The company that held the signing is "Pro-Am Sports", here in Edmonton. Great guys to deal with, and they post photos of all their signings on twitter. So naturally, they took a picture of Saku signing an item. It just so happened that he's writing a big "1" on the jersey in the photo below :)

    ....and that "1" turned out to be part of the "1000" on the jersey below!!!

    I've decided that instead of having it framed like all my other jerseys, I want to get this one done up with a plaque at the bottom listing the date of his 1000th game. Im going to put a Habs puck, and a Ducks puck on either side of the plaque, and then have a dozen or so of his cards framed around the outside, starting with his rookie card, and ending with him in a Ducks jersey. Kind of a full circle thing. But that won't be for a couple months, my bank account is still in rehab after the pounding it took to buy the jersey to begin with.

    Thanks for looking, and again, thanks for everyone that offered me advice on what to get done to it. I can't tell you how much it means to me to have this thing as the heart of my Saku Koivu PC! We'll see where it goes from here!


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    thats awesome!! having such an amazing piece of history but then to get it auto'd with the inscription. you have to do a s&t with the jersey in its framework when you get it all done.

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    That came out fantastic! Pretty cool to have a pic of him signing it too!

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    Amazing jersey, and his auto looks amazing on that jersey, really did a nice job signing it....make sure you show off the display when you get it done
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    I'm so jealous, lol!!! IMO though, I would leave the display with just the plaque and pucks. I have a feeling the cards would detract from the display of the jersey, but that's just me.
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    Dude that is beyond awesome. Congratulations on not only getting that incredible memento in the first place, but to get it signed & personalized like that!! Amazing!
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    yes...beyond awesome....1000th game note....SICK!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by RGM81 View Post
    Dude that is beyond awesome. Congratulations on not only getting that incredible memento in the first place, but to get it signed & personalized like that!! Amazing!

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    Thanks guys :) a little depressing to just have it hidden in my closet right now, but I love it.

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