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Thread: yanks39 2013 IP Thread

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    yanks39 2013 IP Thread

    Finally got my year off with a trip to Rochester for the Red Wings vs. Bisons. I didn't really have a lot to get done, but am happy with what I came away with:


    Bob Stanley- 2/2. (78T, 87T)
    Josh Thole- 1/2 (2012 Heritage)

    Post game:

    Chris Herrmann- 1/1 (2013 Heritage)
    Kyle Gibson- 1/1 (2011 Topps)
    Joe Benson- 1/1 (2012 Topps)
    Jeff Clement- 2/2 (08 A&G, 09 UD)

    Not that I had anything for him, but Anthony Gose very flatly refused to sign for anyone, and has apparently been very difficult if not impossible all season. He told some of the locals that he gets paid to sign, but when a collector friend offered him $$$ yesterday to sign a large photo, he still said no.

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    Made the long trip last night to Scranton to catch the rehabbing Curtis Granderson. After the success that bronxbomber33 had there the night before, I figured I had a decent chance at getting him. After stretching, he came over and signed down the line, one per for everyone, until he got to the guy right before me who gave him a glossy photo with a ball point pen (??) Grandy looked around for a sharpie and I offered mine up, which he took down the line for a little way and when he brought it back he did 2 cards for me. I moved down the line and was able to dip him for one more before he went to the dugout. Pretty friendly guy.

    I didn't stay for post game, as it was 2 and a half hours home...but I got what I went for:

    Curtis Granderson- 2/2, 1/1. (2012 Heritage, 2013 Topps, Heritage)

    I have to say that the Yankees did a fine job renovating that stadium. Lots of food options, and you can leave and come back into the stadium. Free parking, too. I LOVE the stadium in Rochester, but this is probably my new favorite park.

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    I did Rochester vs. Durham last night with bronxbomber33 in hopes of getting Wil Myers. I didn't have a lot to get done, but am happy with what I got:

    Pre game:

    Neil Allen- 3/4 (81T, 82T, 84T)
    Wil Myers- 1/1 (2011 Topps Heritage Minors)

    Post game:

    Cole DeVries- 1/1 (2013 Topps Heritage)

    Myers refused everyone post game before jumping into the team's shuttle. A few other guys signed, but I had nothing for them.

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    Made the trip to Syracuse last night with bronxbomber33 in hopes of landing another prospect Trevor Bauer. When we got inside the stadium there was one lone player on the field, and it was him. He finished his workout within 10 minutes and came down the line and signed one per for the 8 or so collectors that were there.

    Pre game only:

    Trevor Bauer- 1/1. 2013 Bowman
    Danny Salazar- 2/2. 2013 Bowman

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    Motley Crue was scheduled for a concert tonight near my home and I thought I should try to get some sigs. if I could find them. I made a trip through the city when I got out of work this morning and sure enough I found a large black tour bus at the Hilton. I was surprised there was only one, but I knew it was them. I went home and ate, then came back to wait it out. After about 2 hours there was some activity, as security first came out, then the driver came and moved the bus near the front door. I went inside the lobby and made some small talk with the driver, then a few minutes later Vince Neil came out. He signed my photo and was pretty cool about it. He then got on the bus with his girlfriend (wife?) and body guard and the door shut and they were gone.

    It turns out the show was cancelled due to the cold and wet weather, and has been rescheduled for mid- July. I don't think the rest of the band was even in town. I'm still pretty happy to not get shut out despite the weather, and am looking forward to the chance to get my photo finished in a couple months.

    Vince Neil- 1/1. 8x10 color band photo.

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    Had a pretty productive evening in Syracuse last night for the Chiefs vs. AAA Yankees:

    Pre- game:

    Vidal Nuno- 1/1.
    Josh Bell- 2/2, 1/1 (help)
    Ivan Nova- 1/3.

    During game:

    Chien-Ming Wang- 2/2.
    Bob Boone (scouting) 2/2.
    Pete Vuckovich (scouting) 0/1.

    Post Game:

    Ivan Nova- 1/1, 1/1 (help)
    Dan Johnson- 1/1.
    Chien-Ming Wang- 1/1.
    Butch Wynegar- 2/2, 1/1 (help)

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    Went to Rochester this past Tues. for Red Wings vs. Mud Hens. Had a pretty decent day:

    Pre game:

    Austin Jackson- 3/3.
    Nick Castellanos- 1/1.
    Al Albuquerque- 1/1.

    Post game:

    Cole DeVries- 3/3.
    Nick Castellanos- 1/1.
    Leon Durham- 1/1.
    Bruce Rondon- 2/2.
    Trevor Plouffe- 2/2.

    First one I have gotten from Leon Durham in 3 years.

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    do you do 50/50?
    Hidden Content

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    Quote Originally Posted by soc4yankees View Post
    do you do 50/50?

    I don't, only because I live so far away from the stadium(s) and with my work schedule I really never know what games I am sure I can attend. A lot of my trips are last minute decisions.


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    Did Red Wings vs. PawSox last night in Rochester...

    Pre game:

    Bryce Brentz- 1/2.
    Alfredo Aceves- 1/1.

    Post game:

    Vance Worley- 1/2.
    Liam Hendriks- 1/1.
    Jackie Bradley, Jr.- 1/1. He was really cool.
    Will Middlebrooks- 1/1. Also very pleasant.
    Xander Bogaerts- 0/1. Kind of a D-bag. Signed for 3 of the dozen or so that were waiting and refused everyone else. He did have a pretty bad game, so maybe that was a carry-over effect.

    A few other guys signed that I either didn't need or had nothing for them.

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