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    Quote Originally Posted by Crosby 87 View Post

    this is a reminder of another captain who did this same goal and its forever capture in the statue, Mario Lemieux!!!!

    GO PENS GO!!!!!
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    I call him "Vokizzle".
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    Quote Originally Posted by 09232003 View Post
    no its not his nickname I was just using initials and hit the k instead of a v
    was so excited about the game that I miss that one
    not really sure what nickname vokoun has but the crowd last night was behind him 1000%

    GO PENS GO!!!!!!
    Haha that's what I figured, pretty easy to see why you'd be pumped up after that game. I was certainly excited watching the Sens game when I saw that they pretty much had it wrapped up.

    Best of luck to the Penguins in game 6. I'd certainly enjoy a Pens-Sens series, as the Senators seem to be much more focused and disciplined now and likely wouldn't let the Matt Cooke situation get to them.

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    Fleury is an enigma wrapped in a mystery to me, a shutout in game 1, than in Game 4 he looked like a total spaz out there. Seems like the Isles saw something, as they kept aiming their point shots wide and Fleury would mangle the rebound in front of the net. Obviously talented, he was stellar in their Cup win so who knows, seems once he loses confidence he loses it completely.
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    Just like Lebron James, just like Tiger Woods, Just like Mario Lemieux or any other dominate player in the world there will always be haters. Why? I don't know. envy, jelousy, anger? Who knows. Then theres Crosby. I garentee everyone in this forum wouldent mind getting thier hands on a Crosby Cup RPA. Point is, weather he "dives" "complains too much" or what have you, the kid is a genius on the ice, and is CLEARLY the best player in the WORLD today.

    On another note as far as the nicknames go me and my buddies have what I belive to be a fitting nickname for Malkin... Evgiveaway Malkin!

    Go Pens!

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    I'm curious to see how the Isles start this game. If they start slow, forget about it. If they come with speed like games 3 and 4, it'll be good. I'm just hoping the refs call it like Game 4 with the leniency but don't miss some of the obvious stuff.
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    Game 6 end of the first period. Isles get one from some Grabner and Aucoin hard work. McDonald, the ex-Pen scores with a minute left to play in the period.

    Isles very first, 1st Period Lead in the series. 2-1

    Let's Go Islanders !!!

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    Weird to have the only hockey game on a Saturday night being on TSN - hopefully a harbinger of the future. LOL

    Really good game going on here - the Isles are really pressing and I think they're going to force a Game 7.
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    Pens tie it up on a shot that was slightly deflected from just inside the blueline. I wish Nabokov could get really hot, He has just been meh, on a lot of the shots in this series.

    The team has upped their game, he has not.

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