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    Orpik from 60 feet again. Pens win and eliminate the Islanders.

    Nabokov could not handle the shots from the point. That was the difference in the series. Time to retire Nabby, you've had a good go of it.. Good series Isles.

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    That was an exciting series. Now the Sens are up who have played well lately. Does Disco Dan go back to Fluery??
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    GO PENS GO!!!!

    Orprik with the OT winner but the last 2 penguins gaols are because of the hard work by Malkin

    The next round not sure about who to start, Vokoun of Fleury

    GO PENS GO!!!!
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    Vokoun was our savior in this round. Man, was he good.
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    Fleury should have splinters in his arse until the Pens win the cup. I would not put him in net again. Voukoun more than capable.

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    It was a terrible game by the Pens I don't feel they shouldve won that game. It seemed like the Isles wantes it way more, Oh well a V is a V. Go Pens!

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    The Pens looked like a lock for the Cup...but if I was a fan, banking on Vokoun to take them all the way would make me nervous...especially now that Quick is being Quick again...he is starting to not only look like the best goalie again, but the best athlete on the ice...Anyway, looking forward to Pens vs Sens.
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