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    Wings and Ducks both coming out firing tonight, 2-0 WINGS!!!!

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    Wow was that a horrible third period giving up 3 unanswered, the Wings come out for OT and play like they did in the third and this series is coming back to Detroit 0-2. Started out so strong too...

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    And rather surprised to see Selanne with the cheap shots on Dekeyser there in the third...thats not like Teemu.

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    Well that was quick, Wings wrap it up and get it done early in OT but I'm still not happy. Very sloppy play made the game a lot closer for the Ducks than it should have been.

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    Brunner with 3 and Palmieri with 2. It's a good night for my last two picks in my drafts lol

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    That was Hellish on the nerves. Babcock should have called a timeout when Palmieri got the 3rd one.

    Poor coaching. You just knew that the Ducks were going to score again. Babcock and his patience has lost one cup already, he seems to be working hard in trying to lose in the 1st round again.

    I'm not plussed in his effort since the beginning of the Game 7 loss to the Pens. Holland has also fallen a notch or two as well.

    Just too hard on the nerves.

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    If the young kids stay composed anything can happen. But when they get rattled it is scary.As was the case for 9 minutes in period 3 on Thursday. And the new problem is the defenceman playing the best in the past 3 weeks broke his thumb and is done.

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    Ducks better bring their A game. the Joe is very hard for the visiting teams to win in it seems.

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    Did I hear this correctly? This was the first time the wings have been shutout in 96 playoff games?

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