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    Schnieders not gonna play until game 4. just a hunch

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    Sharks looked good in the first. Did everything but score. 7 shots on there first PP.

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    Could of been worse if Luongo wasn't in net. Sharks look like they are are gonna steamroll the nucks in 4-5.

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    sharks looked great, fast and were hitting anything that moved
    canucks wont go far with loungo in net, sorry but his prime has passed him
    canuck have no choice to play him since scheider is hurt.

    this series might end sooner than canuck want, sharks in 5 games maybe 6
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    Canucks should have given up the game and started playing the series after that 3rd goal went in. At that moment they should have started hitting everything in sight.
    Hopefully tomorrow we'll see Ebbett sitting and a 4th line of Weiss-Lapierre-Pinizzoto/Sestito. Kassian needs to do more and Raymond looked his usual "fart in a windstorm" self, other than the one goal. I thought Luongo played well except for the 3rd goal, but I'd like to see Schneider back in ASAP. The team just seems to play a little better in front of him. Also, down the stretch, one of the things the Canucks did which allowed them to pull out wins was collapse down to the net without getting in their own goalie's way. They got away from collapsing most of the game, back to their usual offensive minded swiss-cheese defense and when they did collapse, they went right into the crease.
    The Canucks have got to dress some size. Maybe start Kassian or Sestito with the Sedins and make a statement. That's the benefit of your tougher guys being able to skate. Sit Ebbett, play Sestito.

    At the same time, as much as I've like Frank Corrado in his first 3 games, he looked very much a rookie last night. The guy got rocked all over the ice and I genuinely feel Ballard would have been better used. It's nice to bring in a right handed shot when you only currently have one (with Tanev on the mend) but he doesn't have an offensive upside in this league yet, so that shot is mostly wasted. Next game, their starting lines should look like this:


    If/when Tanev comes back, sit Ballard then, and really only because I've liked Alberts stay at home play lately. Ballard, Barker, Corrado should be 7-8-9 respectively.

    On the other side of the ice, Torres was probably the best player for the Sharks. I did think he got away with an elbow in the first period but it was a minor at best, and that was my only complaint with the officiating all night, so whatever. But Raffi was all over the ice proving that, when he keeps his head, he absolutely belongs in this league.

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    What are the Game 1 rumblings out of Vancouver? Are people getting their "Luongo is Useless" excuses in early?

    We all know that if the Canucks get bounced in round 1 or even in game 7 of the final, everything will be blamed on him.

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    No one's blaming Luongo. Vigneault is in some heat though.

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    Canucks have to step up tonight. Play the whole game like they played the second period in game 1 and they will be fine.

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    Another game Luo is one of the best players in a Canucks uni.

    Only him and Kesler showed up today. The Sedins are garbage in the playoffs, and their skill are quickly diminishing ..... they just do not play the playoff game. Is seems like their Hart Trophy years were 10 years ago ..... they dont do anything like they did before and their cycle game has gotten predictable.

    But what is AV thinking? Having Henrik and Daniel out in the last minute of the game. Any below average Vancouver fan could tell you those arnt the guys you want defending a lead .....

    Nice pass up the middle Henrik ........ theres a time for your sneaky "soft" plays ...... but in the last mintue of the game while exiting your zone is not one of them.

    2 playoffs now were missing secondary scoring ...... good thing we traded CoHo last year, to screw up that playoff run ( or lack there of ) ..... and good thing our "younger talent" ( Raymond / Kassian ) are here to help when the vets are scoring ....

    Dont get me started on Raymond ...... has anyone seen a weaker more useless player, with so much speed. Good thing your fast Mase, its all you've got going for you. We all know AV has a pretty short rope with his younger guys ..... but for some reason he has a soft spot for #21 and continuously gives him opportunities and contract extensions. Let this dud walk.
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    Yup they're so smitten with Raymond they gave him a pay cut.

    Seriously though, you're mostly right but you forgot the biggest disappointment of the season, the guy who is to blame for the OT goal.

    Edler .

    Sit him! He sucks defensively and Garrison does the same offensive job. Also, why are we playing a Dman who had never played a game 2 weeks ago? Corrado is doing well, but I don't understand it one bit.

    Oh wait, yes I do. The coach hates him and loves the guy who keeps losing games for them.

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