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    Another tough loss for the Canucks last night. I feel for Luongo - guy is playing some of his best hockey of the year and he's not getting any support at all out there. That great save on Torres is probably a goal if it's anybody but Torres but guys shouldn't be that wide-open five feet from the crease.

    I hope that they can turn it around, but it's not looking too good.
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    The Sedins are invisible.
    Burrows is playing well in his own end but generating little.
    Kassian is hitting, but that's half his job.
    Raymond - fart in a windstorm.
    Roy can't clear the zone to save his life, yet he's on the PK.
    Higgins and Hansen are looking like they want to go home.
    Hamhuis is trying to do too much in his own end.
    Edler can't remember he's a DEFENSEman.
    Corrado, while playing well, has slightly more NHL experience than me, while Ballard sits because he apparently said something about Vigneault's wife on day 1.
    The entire fourth line is non existent.
    The team is getting beat up while their two biggest guys, Sestito and Pinizzoto, watch from the press box.

    The players I've been okay with: Kesler, Luongo , Garrison, Alberts. That isn't going to win a thing.

    Maybe it's not necessarily time for Luongo to move along. I don't think they're listening to Vigneault anymore, and his line up is more a reflection of who he'd have a beer with than who will win them the game.

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    Wickabee whats your assesment of Bieksa?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kessel_fan_87 View Post
    Wickabee whats your assesment of Bieksa?
    All season I haven't really liked him. He's played well offensively but his defensive game has faltered. Case in point, he didn't play that 2 on 1 well at all. 2-4 years ago there's no way a pass would have gotten through him. I don't know. Not impressed at all with the entire defense, minus Garrison and Tanev. The thing about Beiksa is, for any faults he may have, the team plays better when he's suited up and their record shows it. I think Edler, and Vigneault's love affari with him is the biggest drawback on this team. Another guy who's lost defensive play trying to score. Case in point, the blocked shot that caused the 2 on 1. That's another thing about Edler. I haven't seen a Canuck get so many of his shots blocked since Jovo was rocking the orca. Replace Kesler with Edler on the powerplay goal and that puck doesn't even make it to the net.

    But yeah, Bieksa. He's not his top self and I'm not sure if you're going to see his A game at all this season. Haven't really yet.

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    Really weak call to put a team down two guys. Canucks are gonna have to work hard to get back that one.

    And can someone please tell the linesmen no one is there to see them? Thank you.

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    Wow...finally looks like the Sharks are getting it done! Something just doesn't seem right with the Canucks, although the sharks have a something to do with that with Big Joe and Marleau finally producing when it actually matters, Couture has come into his own, Burns a revelation as a power forward, and Pavelski killing it as a 3rd line centre. The biggest difference though, Goal tending, the rarely talked about Niemi, he has been rock solid.
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    Who's dumb idea was it to start Schneider? Take out the best player in your 1st 2 games because of a management ego problem. Start the guy that's cold, coming off an injury instead of the only reason we were close in games 1 and 2.

    What's most disappointing is how the canucks respond, or lack there of. I guess they didn't see what happened in ottawa tonight. Montreal came out and said, yup, we lost but were gonna make this the hardest 15 mins ull ever play. Canucks think its best we keep dumping and chasing to show em who's boss.

    Hit everything in sight, take cheap shots at their stars, fight every chance you can ..... Run EVERYBODY.

    I'm embarrased calling myself a canucks fan
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    AV and the rest of the coaching staff need to go. Great regular season coaching, but they don't really have an answer for teams that step it up in the playoffs. Plus can't help anyone on the team find that next gear too.

    AV gets out coached every playoff and can't make adjustments. Not sure if he's just too confident in his system that has generated so much success, but when the elite talent is starting to slip, you need to get lemonade out of lemons, which AV can't seem to do. The year they made it into the SCF, that was on talent alone, but Julien figured a way to counter the Canucks, and AV couldn't adjust back. Hence the blow out games.

    I don't like Robinson behind the bench too on SJ. He's a brilliant defensive tactician. Look at what he's getting out of his defence!
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    Go Sharks! There are only two Canadian teams I don't like, and they are both down in their series. Yay!

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    I know the series isn't "over" yet but man it might turn into a very busy interesting summer out on the west coast. Not saying things get blown up but something with this team needs to change - well playoffs wise. That coming from a fan of a team that can't get back into the top 8.
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