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    Quote Originally Posted by Wickabee View Post
    Meh, I'm just sick of someone, somewhere, somehow taking some sort of offense when I talk about Vancouver.

    Anyway, I think these two teams should constantly be skating to very close finishes. Game 2 was a perfect example of what this series should look like, but they dropped that and didn't show up for the other two.

    At the end of the day, the Canucks played one 60 minute game all year. It's a coaches job to motivate a team and make sure the team is getting all it can from each individual. Personally, I think he's inadvertently set up a country club atmosphere. The team is believing the hype, not the reality and he should be bringing them back to earth.

    Simply put, he's not doing his job and the proof is in these performances.
    LOL, relax,....yeah, clear, although I wasn't offended, just talking some hockey with ya, Sharks are not my team, just saying they look pretty good is all...
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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    The Sharks are simply taking care of business. They aren't falling for the Orange Twin Cycle. Just stay in one spot along the boards, don't move, one of the Orange Twins will either give you the puck, or run into you with his head down.

    If you chase him around, he will destroy you and make you look bad. Approach them from both sides on the back-check in the corner, centre stays and keeps coverage in front of the net, and Voila, you've beaten the One Trick Twins.
    It worked once before, but it's not working this time. Plus there's now a ton of video that shows how to exploit the Canucks players and system because the system has been the same for years. Just pull up video from the Hawks, Bruins and Kings.

    Now who's responsibility is it to change up the system? I say the coach.

    I think AV has tried to change it up unsuccessfully, so he goes back to what he knows has worked in the past. Dump it in, try to gain possession, get a shot on goal, get the goalie to freeze the puck to get a face off, try to win the face off to get puck possession, give it to the Sedins to cycle it to death for a scoring opportunity.

    Even the PP. It was once tops in the league. Teams figured out how to defend it, but AV couldn't come up with another successful way to run the PP.
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    Dont worry, the systems will change day 1 next year .... as AV will be fired this offseason ...... unless the impossible happens
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    Quote Originally Posted by mooneyes View Post
    LOL, relax,....yeah, clear, although I wasn't offended, just talking some hockey with ya, Sharks are not my team, just saying they look pretty good is all...
    Just making sure we're on the same page.

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    surprising series didn't think it will be 3-0!! Niemi is fantastic.. Henrik Sedin sucks especially in game 3 took so many penalties and forced his teammates to take some!!

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    I picked the Nucks to win tonight but I think the sharks will sweep the series tonight

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    Hope the Sharks can end it tonight as well. Sick and tired of the crybabies whining about every little thing just because they are the Canucks. GO SHARKS GO!

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    Niemi has been the best goaltender of these still young playoffs, Quick is not far behind after a 2 game dismal start. Niemi's body position is the best I've seen it. The man is square to the shooter, shoulders square and forward, he is putting himself in the best position to make the toughest saves, the skate-saves with both legs in close. He is mastering his angles and seeing the whole ice.

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    Don't start wetting yourselves over Niemi. Both Schneider and Luongo have been forced to make more big saves, even with Schneider's third period meltdown. The Canucks aren't really giving him anything to stop and they can't get to the giant rebounds he's leaving out. I'm not saying he isn't good, I'm just saying he's the one guy the Canucks are making look better than he's actually being made to play.

    Bieksa became emberrasing yesterday complaining about the embelishment. I mean, we all see it, but trying to turn around accusations never looks good. I never agreed that the Canucks were as bad on diving/embellishing as the people who already hate them like to say they are, but Bieksa trying to use the media is bush league in my mind. Desperate move by a guy who doesn't know what else to do.

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    The saddest part about this is Adam Burish gets to keep playing.

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