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    2013 Preferred: Finally wised up & maybe did something right! = Grant Hill

    When I first saw the pictures on the Knight's Tale about 2013 Preferred I wanted to buy more than my fare share of boxes but then I started to hear and read about there being 250 autographs. The odds seemed to be to far of a reach. Then when the product was released in the first case of our store, box after box had zip silhouette cards so I made a decision that the risk was just too great to try my luck. I didn't need or want a bunch of triangle autographs of players only their momma's would know who they were. I had my share of these on Marquee.

    While it would have been great to pull one of the super rookie silhouettes, I decided to just buy one of the main cards from this set that I wanted for my collection.

    So for less than one box I picked this card up for my Grant Hill collection:

    That's it

    Good luck on your breaks

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    Sick hill and very wise decision you made

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