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    BGS (and Raw grading) at the Expo

    I received an email from Beckett yesterday saying that they are going to be on site at the Toronto Expo doing raw grading services. Also they said Canadian's can send in cards through Grosnor to be fully graded and picked up at the expo. I've never tried to get a card graded but I really want to try. For those who are more knowledgeable I just have a few questions:
    How much is it per card for raw grading in person? (If anyone knows from last Expo)
    How do you go about submitting to Grosnor? I couldn't find it anywhere on the website, and I couldn't even access some pages because it needs a user/password.
    Any help is appreciated thanks!

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    I've only ever done KSA, sorry............nobody big-time comes out west :(
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    I'm pretty sure that the raw grading is $10 per card. That is from last April when I had a card done. Again, I'm pretty sure but not 100%. As for the Grosnor, I'm not sure as I haven't done it unfortunately.

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