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    It all ties back to something I've discussed around here a few times now - the saturation of the market we have today is different from the saturation of the 1990's. Back then "the problem" was too many of each card. Today "the problem" is too many cards. Instead of cards being devalued because there were always 10,000 plus copies, now there are seemingly hundreds/thousands of different cards.

    As Sean noted previously, if you're the type of collector that has to have everything, you're going to be frustrated because there are so many /9, /19, /xxx and so forth show cards out there. The chase never ends. I feel the same when it comes to products like Artifacts. I found that when I gave up my attachment to the need to have 'em all, collecting became a lot more fun for me. I don't need every parallel or every jersey or every jersey-patch variant. And it has done a world of good for my collection too. As a guy that doesn't have unlimited funds, do I want to get 10 parallels and common GU's or do I want 1-2 high-end autographs or patches? That's the choice before many collectors, especially those of us who collect popular and high-value players. There's no right or wrong way to collect - just be true to yourself and your interests, and it makes the whole experience much more positive.
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    I did slow way down on collecting I did this for a number of reasons one being that the number of Cujo cards being produced by all 3 companies was overwhelming. Not only was a volume of cards being produced overwhelming but the originality of the new cards is underwhelming for the most part. I still collect but at a slowed pace. I am still looking for all Joseph cards made prior to his retirement and I pick up new cards (after retirement cards) that are unique or that I just like. As far as show cards go I don't go after those anymore unless they are cheap. I already have a ton of Joseph show cards and the concepts are pretty much repeated and I don't want to spend money on cards like this for my collection. I have a reduced budget for cards (I am therefore picky in what i pick up) I found a new hobby in fly fishing which is expensive and im saving for a house so cards took a back seat compared to where thry once were for me. The volume of cards being produced helped me step away from collecting and being a completionist. Regardless Show cards are a great promotion though and I think they are good ways for companies to give back to collectors. Show cards never have been for everyone and people can choose to collect them or not but either way its a free card given as a promo.
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