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    Coming back slowly opinions welcome :)

    Hey everyone, me and my wife are slowly getting back into the hobby after selling pretty much our entire collection awhile ago, as some of you may remember I had a HUGE Avalanche especially Hejduk collection. Well all the higher end stuff is gone, I still have a bunch of the lower end inserts/rookies/parallels. I recently deleted everything out of my inventory here to start fresh, everything in there now is 100% up to date now. But I went from having over 20,000 cards in inventory to a little over 300 now haha. Anyways I guess we are at a bit of a standstill on how to focus our collection, the only thing set in stone so far is that we are collecting some insert sets many from the 90s as those are still some of my favorite cards and they bring back a lot of memories from my childhood, as well as inserts we like from more recent releases. Now my question is we are big Avalanche, Penguins, & Wild fans, before we sold everything we collected 1 copy of every Avalanche card we could get as well as doing the same for about 10 Pens & Wild players. Our biggest reason for selling everything off was we were spending to much time and money on hunting down every card we didnt have hence we are scared to start a player/team PC again.......any advice/tips/opinions on how we should solve our dilemma on how to pursue Aves, Wild, & Pens?

    Thanks again

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    I collect Gagner and Brad Richards, but I put no pressure on myself to what I "have" to get. I consider myself a bargain collector. I only buy something if the price is right, almost always. Although I do help myself by buying in certain ways...
    -Buy local. Over the couple years I have PC'ed Gagner/Richards I have come to know a few people who consistently break or are always selling who will give me first dibs and a better price due to balk/local cash buying.
    -Ebay. Sometimes thing's on Ebay just go for wayyyy to much so I almost always just bid at the end. I always hear story's of how sellers are asking way too much and wont negotiate but every time I have messaged a seller they have been willing. Some people just skip because the BIN might be way too high.
    -SCF, great people and alot of the time great prices.
    -Timing. If you pressure yourself to get certain things, you will pay more and be more stressed about it. I find if you just wait things will mostly come around...
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    I would recommend you just get the cards you think "look nice" to you. Since you like 3 teams...maybe just collect the cards from those three teams that have material or autos. Only collect from the sets you like. I am thinking Certified. I would not bother trying to get the base of every player. Maybe pick up rookies from multiple sets.
    So your chase would be limited to rookies and certain cards that are visually appealing to you.
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    Im a Flyers collector and go after my personal "flavor of the month" it could be a specific player to just random #'d inserts. I don't spend too much on stuff and put no pressure on myself to pick certain things up. The only thing I force myself into getting at some point are the FWAs.

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    Maybe just go after cards that catch your eye? On eBay and here you have a lot of cards to look at and browse through to find something you like. If it interests you then pursue it. If it doesn't then just move along because there are a lot of cards out there.
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    I'm a big believer in less is more, buy quality vs quantity. Personally I want to trim down my collection to whatever I have room to display but I want all the pieces to be " have that"

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    A good way to start back is to answer all PMs that are sent your way. Otherwise you might find yourself on a few members ignore lists.

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