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Thread: Dolphins Mail & a Milestone

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    Dolphins Mail & a Milestone

    Hey guys i have a few adds that have come in. Also a huge milestone for the collection.
    I got a few from a trade group i'm in.


    1 Lamar Miller Purchase #/149

    Egnew Contenders no Variant auto (now have both)

    Then a TTM took 144 days but worth the wait.
    2/2 returned Brandon Fields Dolphins Punter. :)

    and last but not least. A new Gadsden add.
    #/299 Revolution Red
    This has been a great year for Gadsden adds found a few i've been looking for for a while. Now hope i can find more as the year goes.

    And the milestone.
    I have been adding up my cards for some time and have NONE lying around so my count is accurate from what i know.
    I am officially over the 10,000 Different dolphins cards mark. I am still adding when i can and looking for any unique cards for the PC. Always let me know what you have for dolphins as i love to trade and haven't in quite a while except in person.
    Thanks to all of you who have added to this collection over the years. I have worked hard and put a ton of money into it and love it all.

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    Congrats on the milestone!

    My goal is to collect at least one autograph, one game used and one patch of as many people who played for the NY Yankees, NY Jets, NY Islanders and NY Knicks. I also collect Derek Jeter, Tino Martinez, Mark Teixeira, Reggie Jackson, Wayne Chrebet, Joe Namath, Chad Pennington, Curtis Martin, Patrick Ewing, Mike Bossy, John Tavares, Martin Brodeur

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    That is one heck of a milestone! Congratulations!

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    Wow. 10,000 unique Dolphins cards?!? I just crossed about 500 unique Boise State cards... 10,000?!?
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    Congrats man. 10k is crazy! I have some Dolphins I'll go through and PM you a list to see if it helps get you closer to 15K.


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    You beat me to it. Congrats. I will not be far behind. Maybe by the end of this year. :) Imagine our collections together!!

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    Thanks guys. You should see what just came in.
    Joel thanks i bet it would be crazy to see.

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