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    Good. I have no problem with Chiefs of Braves, but Redskins? Why not the New York Darkies? As for Indians, I don't know if Native Americans or people from India should be more offended about that one.

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    Indians are in fact from India, and nowhere else. Similar to the French. The French are from France, not Quebec or Louisiana.

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    Thanks for summing it up...

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    The should have got rid of the name along with their idiot owner a long time ago.
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    I will say, they are a close second to the Chicago Blackhawks in the best logo category.

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    I mean really, Redskins is as offensive as "Wagon Burner" or "Gut-Eater" The name is in very bad taste.

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    I agree. I'm baffled as to how this name has been around so long. I have no issue with using positive native american names like the braves and the seminoles, but a name like the redskins and a logo like the indians are rather offensive.

    I actually like the suggested name in the article of redtails. I don't even think they'd need to change the logo.
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    Seminoles are an indigenous, proud Tribe. Braves is word glamourized by the Hollywood Movie Industry.

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    Why not change their name to the Washington Rednecks in honor of the republican party?
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