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    My Topps Chrome Football Quest...COMPLETE!!!

    Well, as of now, I have officially completed the epic Topps Chrome quest that I started on back in 2006!!! After having picked up the ridiculously high-priced 2001 Topps Chrome Drew Brees RC, I now have completed EVERY year of Topps Chrome (complete with every RC card), along with every insert set from each year as well, 1996-2012! It was an epic undertaking to say the least, especially since I had to pick up most of these on quite a strict budget (at least until the last few, had to save for them for a while), but I am pretty proud of building up each and every set from nothing (I didn't purchase any completed sets). There were quite a few snags along the way, so I thought I would share what it took to track down a few of the cards for this collection.

    2007 Michael Vick Base Card
    - This was the "pulled" one that Topps claimed to have taken out of the product when Vick was sentenced, but conveniently enough a handful of them found their way into packs. I was trying to figure out how to pick one of these up (since at the time they were released they were selling for $100-150), but completely lucked out on a blaster box and pulled one that way.

    1996 40th Anniversary Jeff Hostetler
    - You would think this set would be easy to finish up, but due to a combination of it being in that weird window where it is slightly old, but not old enough to be super collectible, and the fact that this insert set books VERY low, I spent about a month trying to track this one down. I initially picked it up in a big lot over on the Beckett Marketplace for a few cents, but the seller there had a few cards listed that had just been sold (including this one), so I figured I would just grab it somewhere else. I actually had “purchased” it from at one point for $0.25, but the seller never made contact, so that fell through as well. I tried to trade for it through Beckett, but no one was getting back to me, and then I found the eBay name of one of the people on Beckett who had it and got in touch with him there, picking it up for a few bucks (I was willing to go $10-15 just to have it in possession, but the seller said that was too much and we agreed at $5).

    2001 Deuce McCallister RC /999
    - This one haunted me for quite some time, especially since before I really attempted to track it down I had seen a handful selling on eBay for about $20 (which I assumed was too high at the time). Well, went it came down to this one and the few big name guys from 2001 (Brees, Vick, Tomlinson), I started to do some more looking, only to discover that for some reason or another this card NEVER pops up for sale anymore! Thus begin my epic internet scavenger hunt! I lucked out by finding an old sales thread from 2010, found that seller’s name through Photobucket, used his Photobucket name to find him on eBay, and asked if he still had it. He obviously didn’t, but suggested I check the PSA registry for Saints collectors (which he had been a part of), randomly started emailing EVERYONE who had the Deuce listed, and the only collector who got back to me happened to be selling his PSA Saints stuff, and he had an available Deuce for sale! The only problem from there was that his happened to be a PSA 10 (with a population of 4!!!), so instead of the $20 I wanted to spend, I now have a perfect Deuce RC that cost me $55!!!

    Anyways, just felt like sharing about my 7 year quest, so now I just need to focus on my 2013 set this year and I can start putting in some work on grabbing any Topps Chrome Autos I don't have yet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeteoriteGuy View Post
    Nice....what year is your favorite set?
    I am pretty partial to the year that got me back into collecting, which was the 2006 set. Back when that draft class was supposed to change football completely, I decided to grab a handful of packs at Target since I was never able to afford chrome packs when I was a young collector, and lo and behold, in that first pack I found a Reggie Bush RC and I was hooked! The 2001 set would be a close second though, just because of the amazing draft class and the fact that the RCs were quite limited.

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    Great story!!!!

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    Impressive collection! I've always wondered if anyone had done every year or a large portion of every year.

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    This is a great story...congrats on your quest.

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    Congrats on completing it!
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    Great story. I love people who really care about collecting. No knock on anyone but it's nice to see someone work so hard for non-auto stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chajones View Post
    Great story. I love people who really care about collecting. No knock on anyone but it's nice to see someone work so hard for non-auto stuff.
    It was definitely a labor of love! I will probably start adding to my growing collection of Topps Chrome Autos now that I have the actual sets complete. Probably won't make it a priority to finish the auto sets, but might as well keep going after stuff from the set that I love anyways, right? Especially considering I have just about 150 different ones, I have picked up a lot of chrome over the years! Ha!

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    I'm having a problem finding the Deuce Topps Chrome RC as well. Why is it so hard to find? It's numbered to /999.... lol

    If I post in your thread, PM works best.

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