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    I see no problem with people getting tickets if they blocked traffic because they wanted to get pictures of video. If you want a picture park your car in a valid spot and get out and take pictures. Don't stop traffic.

    it is pretty crazy how a car would get into that position without falling to one side or the other.

    as for the websites seeming request that the officer be ticketed for reckless driving... I'd hope he'd be required to attend the driving training again.

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    Too many people don't know driving too slow is a ticket able offence, and it should be. Happens here every year. There's a fire, so everyone leaves to go look at it. Every year we have idiots blocking emergency vehicles, positioning their boats so it's impossible for water bombers to reload, etc. All to get a slightly better look or a picture for Facebook. Rubberneckers tick me off to no end.

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    I don't see anything wrong with them giving out tickets....when people drive slow in front of me I think of a lot worse things to do to them....especially on the freeway

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    Veggie making a thread to irrationally express his dislike for cops, how original
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    Rubberneckers tick me off to no end.
    I like the term "casualty vampires"

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