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Thread: What is your Favorite Product?

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    What is your Favorite Product?

    Hey guys and gals!
    I've decided to make yet another post on my blog talking about the products that have arrived over the past year and a bit.
    Here it is for those who wanna check it out. http://nothinbuthockeycards.blogspot...-may-2013.html
    Your feedback is very much appreciated. I work hard on this blog.
    You guys can comment here or there or both! I want to see your opinion but in order to participate, you should probably read the post on blog.
    Thanks for looking and I look forward to hearing some awesome responses!

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    Superlative by far I've opened a couple of cases and they never ever disappoints.
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    Two answers....

    The one set I build year after year is Upper Deck Series 1 / 2. Don't plan to change, IMO it's the gold standard into today's Hockey Card Market.

    The product that I have consistantly had the most fun opening? Between The Pipes. Loaded with great GU, Auto, and Inserts.
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    For me it is Certified. I like the shiny cards. I collect the base all the way up to the Freshman Fabrics. The Freshman Fabrics are really nice with a lot of memorabilia and an autograph. With the Freshman signatures, you get a lot of autographed rookie cards. I do not understand why they are not more popular. UD Series 1 and 2 Rookie cards can sell for about the same amount and yet there is no autograph. However, I preferred the Freshman Signatures more from the previous years as they were hard signed. I also like to collect the mirror red cards of the base set. Makes trying to put the set together a little bit of a challenge as there are only 199 cards of each player. However, you can usually get most of the cards for a decent price.
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    For me its the same two as every season Between the Pipes and OPC. Between the Pipes is my favorite annual release hands down, as a Goalie collector any time there is an all Goalie set whats not to like? Not to mention BTP like every other ITG product is loaded with awesome vintage and modern Game Used pieces, ITG is king when it comes to Game Used and BTP is no different. Then theres OPC, its a cheap break, a fun break, one of the first products each season, one of the most collected sets each season, and has some of the first rookies of each season (other than Score). OPC is the perfect low end set builders release that is fun to break and it is each year.

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