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    I'll take that 1 inch pack thank you! Anyone got some water for my box breaking fire?

    So here is the back story. Last year when 11/12 Contenders came out I got 3 packs from an opened box and pulled a beautiful 3clr P. Roy Patch auto. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago. I go to my LCS and purchase a sealed box(they had 2 sealed and 1 opened). So needless to say the hit from that box was this

    So I had to make a choice. It was either leave the last sealed box there or take a chance my LCS got the hot part of a case. So $55 later I take the plunge and decide to buy the box this past weekend! OH MAN am I glad I did that! Here are the results.

    First hit was a good sign as this is my PC guy even though I already have one!lol

    So the next hit was the only auto on the right stack of packs

    This was the only auto on the left stack of packs

    So not the greatest but basically the same as the box I had with the Duchene patch auto. 2 okay autos then a great hit. So now to the 1 inch pack. I will tell you I knew something wasn't right when I first opened the box. There was a pack floating on top? Weird since 9 packs on the left and 9 packs on the right should be level meaning there should be no floating pack? Well once I took the left stack of packs out I knew why the top pack on that side was floating! There was a pack in there that was about an inch thick! Well you know what's coming next right? Yeah you got it!

    BOOKLET! Not a bad one to get if I don't say so myself!!!!!

    I must admit that my box breaking as of late has been on fire. I pulled these 2 out of some boxes I did before the last 2 contenders boxes from my LCS! Comments are always welcome! Thanks for the look, Brad.

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    The 2nd auto was not another Smith!lol I must have double posted that one. It was an NHL INK Vincour, Brad.

    EDIT- Posted the correct pic. Thanks for the replies guys!
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    Strike while the iron is hot my friend. You did really well and it has been a blast watching you bust some stuff, looking forward to the next break. Good job

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    That's pretty sweet - I'll take the right side of that booklet. LOL
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    Brad, you want to open some boxes for me too, and maybe send me one of those horseshoes...? LOL! Congrats on the unreal luck and I'm sure Ill talk to you soon.

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    Knowing that your holding a monster hit in a sealed pack is the best feeling ever.. Congrats!

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    WOW...........................super breaks
    make sure you buy a lotto ticket since your luck in on fire!!!
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    Absolutely amazing pulls, Brad! The booklet is a great card, even thought only the left side is acceptable, haha.


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