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    If this stuff is hers, meaning that Kobe gave it to her as souvenirs or gifts, then there is no way that someone can stop her from selling it. It's her stuff now and she can do with it whatever she wants.

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    I can't imagine he gave her his trophies, high school championship rings and varsity letters. Kids leave that type of stuff with their parents, it doesn't make it their property to sell.

    My son wrestled in high school and set the school record for pins in a season as a freshman, broke his own record as a senior, set the school record for wins in a season as a senior, was the regional champ in his weight class and placed at the state championships as a senior as well as won or placed in numerous other tournaments. He has plaques commemorating his school records and trophies for his wins at regionals and states and about 2 dozen medals and 8 or 10 trophies for winning other tournaments. Those belong to him. They have been sitting at my house for a few years now even though he has moved out, but they are still his.

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    Happy Mothers Day
    Lol I see what you did there.
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