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    Question Kicking the tires, testing the water, just a thought.....

    This years been tough. Hurricane Sandy kicked my.... Not poor or even strapped for cash by normal standards. Just knocked down a notch. Was contimplating selling the PC. I don't think the limited releases this year helped, just kinda meh on wax collecting right now. Would keep a few favs, and still do TTM, collect memorabilia, GU sticks etc... but the wax would pretty much be done.

    Have any of you thought about this, done it and come back? Looking for opinions. Thanks in advance
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    Kill the wax, keep the PC. You worked hard to put it together and if you're anything like me, you'll regret moving it later. If after 6 months to a year you find that it's collecting dust, then I'd consider selling it. Just my thoughts.

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    I sold my entire PC and am just now coming back, I would recommend not selling anything assuming you don't need the $$ for something more important. Just my 2 cents I used to have a lot of really nice cards......but I did end up with 2 cars and all my debt paid off from those cards, but the hobby just came calling for us (my wife & I) as we both missed opening boxes and getting bubble mailers so here we are pretty much back at square 1 lol, but I guess you live and you learn right?
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    Just stop buying wax for now and see how you feel before you sell your PC because once you sell it then it will become very difficult to get it back if you change your mind
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    Thanks gang, thats what I was thinking, as far as waiting it out. I think I just needed to hear it a couple of times. Hopefully end of the summer early fall will have me feeling a little different!
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    yea for me, there are times when i just kinda get bored with the hobby, but i've always kept my cards, because i always come back, and i dont have to spend a ton of money on traders. As for PC, thats probably something i'd never sell, just because I'll always love hockey and the players I collect.

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    I agree with a lot of these posters as well. I collect cards, and also collect autographed memorabilia, and jerseys. So I just focus on whatever has my interest at the time, and if nothing does, I just do something else and put it away for a while. People are right though, unless you need the money, I wouldn't hurry to sell it. If you ever change your mind, you won't be able to just get it back.
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    I am trying to get out from under this 50 year stranglehold that cards have had on me. My longest breaks were 10 and 9 years, but just like the Godfather ....... Every time I tried to get out, they just pulled me back in.

    This time I am serious. I will die and have missed too much because of these incessant little pieces of cardboard.

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