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Thread: Amazing lot for 110$ paypal

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    Amazing lot for 110$ paypal

    Michael Floyd topps valor auto patch /10
    andy dalton contenders auto
    justin Blackmon contenders aauto
    ponder contenders auto
    Lamichael James topps chrome camo auto /107
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    can you please post scans? I'd be interested.. Thank you!!
    Always looking for 1960 Topps Baseball upgrades and Minnesota Twins Prospect autographs.

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    Tried to send you a PM, but your inbox is full. I can offer $100. If you're interested, feel free to send me a PM. Thanks.

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    what about us guys who were in school until 4 pm, I realize it's 7 pm but let me know if you wanna break up and PM me a price on the james camo

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    I also have a terelle pryor contenders auto I can use towards card cash deal

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    How much for just the Floyd?
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    If you only trade Autos for Autos. GM for GM and Base for Base let me know.... Thanks
    I trade by SV. If you contact me about a trade be ready to trade by SV..
    I collect National Treasures 2007 Timeline Cards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsil84 View Post
    How much for just the Floyd?
    35, that's what I paid

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