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    2012 Prestige Box Break with a semi review Not Happy Bob.

    Ok silenced the audio. Two cards (for a total of three) from today's Panini breaks (1 from Totally and 2 from prestige) were damaged. Got the packaged and ready for return. One of the cards is Multi Clr with patching.


    Its a of 99. So how do they 'replace' that? Anyho I will keep people updated with what type of service I get when my cards return. On to the video!

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    I'd call them and ask about the replacment especially seeing how it's a PC Pull.
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    Sometimes they have extras made up. Will just stamp the replacement with the same number (stamping will be different size) Not sure about the patch though. It's what Panini did for me when I got a damaged gu card and sent it in.

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    I am really curious now what the audio was, that it deserved censor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardcollectorman View Post
    I am really curious now what the audio was, that it deserved censor?
    hahaha no... just a few oos and ahhs.... a sniffle and snort or two. The first box my son opened (that due to technical difficulties) that didnt get taped was the good one as my wife was yelling from upstairs and I was yelling back. Just about food and family coming over. :D

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