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    My great expo pickups!! Sweet cup rookies

    Hi guys,

    So, as always, I took the trip to Toronto international center to enjoy the expo. I must say that this season was the best in a long time.

    Without further ado:

    Doughty cup

    Parise cup

    Kopitar cup

    Price cup

    And my fav, a sweet card from Jeremy!

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    love the nash and kopitar
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    The most unique 08-09 The Cup Limited Logos that I can get.

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    Great looking cards Matt. Love the Nash, Price and Doughty cards.
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    Nice Expo Pick ups
    Collecting Phil Kessel, Anna Kournikova & Danica Patrick cards! Trading for my PC only. Got Kessel let me know
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    Lots of great pickups! Gotta get me a nice Price as well! But IMO, the Nash is the "star" of the break ( see what I did there =P ), those pre lockout RC Au Patches /99 are some of my favs !
    *** Main PCs - Luongo / Mrazek ***
    *** Secondary Wants - Brodeur / Fleury / Crosby ***


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    I love that Doughty, personally. You always rock some awesome Cup show n tells, Matty, and thanks for walking up behind me at the expo and slapping my shoulder hard enough to make me jump a little bit. :) Always good to see you and the gf at the show, dude. :)
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    @Canucksfan: I really wish I had your creative genius so I'd never run out of cheesy titles for my threads!

    @Ravens: Appreciate the compliments and sorry if I hurt your back. The Doughty can be yours if you manage to let me have the Turris ;)

    To all else: Thank you for the feedback! Those Nash premier rookies are so rare but I've wanted one since I was a kid so I figured it was my time!

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