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Thread: 2012 Topps Finest

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    2012 Topps Finest

    I was sold this based on the quality of inserts. While I love the design and it looks nice I believe the bigger hits were subpar. Oh well still nice cards.


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    Oh also there seemed to be a 'residue' on the cards. Im sure it has something to do with them not sticking together or maybe protects the cards. However that is why I was rubbing my fingers at the end. Felt weird.

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    Hope the Tannehill was a PC pull. Blah on the "Hits" as you stated
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    Not a bad hit on the gold blackmon, are the refractors for trade? Also think the finest moment set has some odd choices of players in the set...
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    @11chaos it was but already had it. :(

    @ctkenjr PM sent.

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