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    My Promotion on

    Hey all! I just wanted to extend an offer to everyone here on my inventory at If you are already a member there, send me a post here letting me know..and I will accept an offer of 20% off of all cards for today only...if you are NOT a member there, email me a list of the cards you want, and I will reduce the price on the cards by 20% so you can buy them and still get the deal. I will only reduce them for a few hours though, so be sure to check back on when I get back to you that they are done. And no, you can't email me the list have me reduce the price, then offer my 20% off of that ...

    Currently trading for all years of Donruss Classics baseball and football and 08 Threads Baseball. Could maybe talk me into a George Brett Auto or some nice vintage cards as well.

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