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Thread: 1 box of 11/12 Certified

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    1 box of 11/12 Certified

    Well saw a box of this at my LCS the other day so I decided to pick it up since I didn't break much of it last year. Here's what I got:

    The inserts:

    The game-used:

    Bummer they are both of guys now on different teams.

    A parallel:

    An alright rookie auto:

    The AnaCondra!

    And an auto:

    I've never pulled a Private Signings before, so this was a nice surprise in an otherwise underwhelming box. Really nice looking auto on the card, even if its not a big name player. I think this is an SP too.

    So, there's that.

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    That's a really cool auto. Certified either really delivers or it really doesn't. I've only cracked a few boxes and been on the short end pretty much so I've steered clear of it recently. I've had better luck with Contenders, Luxury Suite, and Upper Deck products.

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    whats the serial number of the purcell? is it FT? pm me if so!

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    Quote Originally Posted by newf662001 View Post
    whats the serial number of the purcell? is it FT? pm me if so!
    pm sent!

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    That Private Signings is killer, definite collection keeper

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