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Thread: Baseball Harvey list

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    Baseball Harvey list

    I recently bought a baseball Harvey list and was curious if anyone else with the list has had any success. I have around ten requests out now.

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    Purchased it last year and this year. I have many successes from the book.
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    Same as Delones24 It is very helpful. Just make sure you don't send to people labeled tough as they usually are very hard to get

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    I don't have a Harvey list but I echo the above comments.

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    I have sent out to several addresses. I have avoided most of the tough signers.

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    Harvey's List has been super helpful for me. Been using it sense last year. Anyone know how the 2013 one is?
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    2013 has been very helpful as well. Im happy with it

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    just type in harvey mielselmans 2013 address list on google and you will find his website to order

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