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    Expo Pickups- Blue, White, and Platinum

    Well another expo has come and gone, this time around I actually met some people on each of the forums so that was pretty cool. I only broke 1 box, 12-13 H&P because ITG had the best redemption program imo. Besides that I got some nice Leafs PC stuff, and 1 huge cornerstone at the end.

    So the box of Heroes and Prospects, hadn't broken any this year so I didn't really expect anything. I think I did very well on the Mem side, not so much for the autos.

    3D Monahan
    3D Chase
    Subway SS Scheifele
    Top Prospects Grigorenko
    Memorial Cup Girard


    And GU:


    And finally the redemption, not too bad 3/3:

    So moving on, here are my Leafs PC pickups: First 4 from a trade (Thanks Paul!) and the rest from the expo:

    Kessel and Sittler Dominion /25, Salming Spgu AF, and a nice Kadri Auto RC

    2 Bozak RC jerseys and a Kuli

    Phaneuf Cup gold /25 (Thanks for the generosity Jeremy! Lol)

    3 Sweet Auto Patches: Kessel Grabo, Frattin)

    And finally, huge thanks to Robb for this one, my first true Gardiner 1/1, which also completes my first true rookie rainbow:

    11-12 Limited RC Platinum 1/1

    And the whole Limited "set":

    Thanks a lot for looking, and thanks again to anyone I dealt with :)

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    Great show, Alex, and it was great meeting you at the expo as well. Thanks for coming up and saying hi and not being intimidated by my lame sign. :) Sorry if I wasn't more talkative, I was in the midst of working out a deal with Jeremy there that involved over a thousand dollars in cards, so it was an intense moment.

    Love the rainbow at the end. I wasn't expecting that beauty Rookie Numbers to be in there too, that really is the rainbow, well done!!
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    Great show for sure Paul, thanks haha. And no problem at all, I saw all the cards involved and I really didn't want to bother you, it looked like a very important deal (that will hopefully show up in a SnT?). I was going to wait and show you the Gardiner there, I had it on me, but it's just as cool showing it with the other 4 from Limited. If you have any good Gardiners available in the future, you know where to get rid of them lol!

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