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    1 Expo Break of Leaf's Best of Hockey

    Grabbed a box at the expo and am glad I did

    Sorry no pics but here's what I got:

    1/1 Gump Worsley Colour Sketch card... can't remember artists name
    PSA GM MT 10 05-06 Fleer Ultra Sidney Crosby Rookie

    I'm told another guy pulled a RNH YG out of the other box that was missing from the case. Would have loved to have gotten the final box. Where else is it $225 all in Canadian? Gotta love the expo!

    Great product btw! I'd open more if I could afford it :)

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    Nice box congrats on the Crosby hit. & yeah $225 is awesome for a sold out product.

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    I bought one at the expo for 300 I picked it first out of a case and I pulled a monster mystery redemption

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    Love to know what your redemption is for! Trade you a Crosby RC for it :P

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