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    Tell us about your TTM Project past or current.

    I have done many projects myself over the years and seen many great projects from other members. They have been as small as mailing to every current NASCAR driver to trying collect every American Olympian medalist that I can. I have never been a complete set guy outside of smaller team sets for minor league baseball teams. I have a few of those completed. I want to hear about your TTM projects! How close did you come to completion. What was it? Did you ever do a whole Topps set? Were you able to get every living Cy Young winner? Share it with us please?
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    Aiming for all 62 living members of the Baseball Hall of Fame as well the Frick and Spink winners although some are going to be impossible outside of signings, Amazon, and ebay.

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    My momma sent me all of the cards that I collected as a child growing up in the junk wax error of the 1980s and 1990s. I got thousands of base cards from all four sports that I don't know what to do with. I'm sending as many as I can ttm. I'm actually getting some pretty good responses.
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    Doing a 1967 Topps baseball and football project currently as well as ROMLB's for Hall of Fame Baseball players
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    I am collecting Signed OMLB for all Living Baseball HOF Members. I am about 80% Complete. I am working on a Miracle on Ice Set of Cards Lack 6 Players. I also have a 61 yankees signed OMLB set have about 15 baseballs. Will probally never get Maris or Howard on that one.

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    Collecting HOF 8X10's. Also trying to get all living members of the 1960 Pirate team. I just finished my 2 ROMLB with every Mariner from 1995.
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    I've have not done TTM in awhile. But, when I did do it. I did very well with the 1991 Topps Archives which are reprints of the 53 Topps Set. I also did the 94 Archive set which where re-prints of the 54 Topps Set. 90% of the returns came back real fast and often included extras. In most cases I would offer extra cards to the players and they would sign the extras and send them back to me. Most if not all of the players also signed the Index cards I would include for card protection.
    Only a handful of the players requested $$$.
    You can find unopened boxes of these cards on ebay fairly cheap.
    If anyone of you guys start a similar project. Do your homework on wheather the players are still alive. Many of the players from those sets are in the there 80's and 90's. I was using this one website that did not do a good updating dates and I had a couple of embarassing returns from players wives.
    Good Luck
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    I was working on the Supreme Court judges I did get some successes but a few will not sign or will send pre-prints.
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    My main goal is to get every card signed from the 1989 Topps baseball set. I am currently at 661 out of 792 cards signed for the entire set. I have a few coming in once the private signings are done. My goal is to have 100 left by the end of the year and I am well on my way to get there.

    I am also over half way through the 2010 Bowman Topps 100 set as wel.. I have 40 left to complete that set.
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    Been working on the '05-'06 Upper Deck hockey set (base and young guns) for the better part of 6 1/2 years now,I've managed to get 141 or so cards autographed from it although the roadblock of finding cards signed by the players killed in the Lokomotiv plane crash remains one of my biggest obstacles alongside finding ones by ovechkin,Kovalchuk,the sedins,kiprusoff and iginla

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