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    2012 topps Aaron rodgers rookie reprint auto 17 /25 for sale

    so trying to sell this bad boy, have been watching the 1/25 on ebay and it's up to 330, so since the sell value is high right now I figured what better time to try and sell it. So here is a scan, card is a beauty,put it right from the pack into the top loader with rubber gloves on, the one on ebay is at 330 right now with 2 days left so I am asking 285 dlvd not in a big hurry to move it so not really gonna be too flexible on the price just post or shoot me a Pm if you are interested.

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    here is the link to the one on ebay, guy even has it listed as an on card auto which is incorrect and still is up to 330

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    Guess it won't let me send pm could you send me one please I am interested

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    I sent you a message, bizarre it wouldn't let you send me one, my inbox was not full at all.....someone just told me paypal wouldn't let them send me money either....starting to get a little freaky, this the day after someone hacked my very old email account......not my current account but one from years ago.....well anyone message sent get back to me tomarrow when you can, I apologize for the delay I was very tired last night and turned in early, hence the reason I am up so early today.

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    wisportsnut I tried to pm you but it says your inbox is full and you need to clear some space could be why you couldn't get in touch with me last night. anyways my email is if you cant get ahold of me on here, but just delete some messages and you will be able to

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