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Thread: What is next for the Canucks?

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    What is next for the Canucks?

    After two straight years of a first-round exit, the Canucks now have some decisions. Do they need a rebuild? Let me know what you think. Personally I think they should. Fire Gillis and Vigneault and make major signings and moves. Let me know what you think.

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    They can retool, fire AV, buyout a few players and go from there. It's not the right time to rebuild.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reinhart View Post
    They can retool, fire AV, buyout a few players and go from there. It's not the right time to rebuild.
    Thank you. I agree.
    Though I would fire AV.

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    I think it's time for some major landscape changes for the Canucks. The current roster with the current administration is on the downside of its trajectory, having peaked in 2011, and they should look to move some assets while they still can. This team doesn't want to turn into the Flames.

    First, it's time for Vigneault to go. When Ryan Kesler says that he doesn't know why his crew took off entire periods of the playoffs, that comes back to coaching. You'd think that they shouldn't have to do too much to motivate players to take things to the next level in the post-season, but that's clearly the case here. Time for some new faces behind the bench.

    Second, resolve the goaltending circus. Just get it over with - it's a major distraction to the team. It's got to have a profound impact on Luongo that he can play two pretty stellar games and then they go back to Schneider, who promptly craps the bed and then still gets the Game 4 start, where he craps the bed again. Enough. Yes his contract sucks, by his own admission, but the player still has it and he deserves to be free of this awful situation. Drop the notion of being able to engineer a "hockey trade" and take whatever assets you can from New Jersey, Florida, or any other potential venue. They've decided that Schneider is the hill they're going to die upon, so set Roberto free.

    Third, time to start dismantling the core - they may be forced into this somewhat by the sudden drop coming to the cap. They're already projected to be over the $64.3M mark and they've only got 8 forwards under contract. They've got a lot of guys on the back end with big dollar deals and considerable term. That may be where they have to look at their amnesty buyouts. They may not be able to make a hockey deal involving Luongo but they're going to have to make some for the roster. Kesler's not going anywhere as he's got the full NTC/NMC - could that make Burrows a candidate to go? The only other alternative to clear up the salary logjam is the Sedins. $12.2M between them as they head into the final year of their contracts - I doubt they'd be moved unless they got a stellar return, but if the Canucks truly want an overhaul of their roster, what better way to do it? I don't think it will happen, but there are going to be some hard decisions forthcoming.
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    I was completely against Schneider playing game 4 until AV said "he was our MVP this season. You want to win, you don't sit your MVP"

    That made sense.

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    If Gillis gets fired, all bets are off. If he stays, I see:

    Vigneault won't be behind the bench. He may or may not be with the organization, but he won't be behind the bench.
    The Sedins, Burrows, Kesler, Bieksa, Edler, Tanev, Higgins, Hansen and probably Sestito won't go anywhere.
    Raymond and Lapierre will walk.
    Vancouver will suddenly become fond of their prospect guys, who they've taken the slooooooooooooooow approach to developing.

    2nd round exit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post



    100% true

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