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    2 Boxes of 2012 Contenders...Made Up for a Meh Year of Pulls

    After taking a break from busting due to an (involuntarily) budding Brian Quick and AJ Green collection, I picked up one box of Contenders from the LCS each of the last two weeks and here are the results of the two breaks.

    Base Autos:

    Gerrel Robinson
    Vinny Curry
    Zach Brown (var)
    Josh Cooper
    Robby Rainey
    Chandler Harnish
    Deonte Thompson
    Vontaze Burfict
    Terrance Ganaway

    Playoff Ticket AU:

    Courtney Upshaw /99

    NFL Ink:

    Brian Hartline /10 (Anyone know a Hartline supercollector? )

    And an insane set of back to back pulls...

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    Always looking to add to my Giants PC and Inception PC.

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    Way to end the year,CONGRATS ON 2 GREAT HITS.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

    Let us Pray.Hidden Content

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    Great hits with the RGIII and Luck, congrats!

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    If FT could use the Zach Brown Varation
    and Deonte Thompson?

    Congrats on the Luck & RGIII!

    LMK Thanks
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    Football: Steelers, Vikings,Former WVU Players
    Basketball: Jerry West & Joe Alexander
    I trade by bv/sv, PC is only FT for other PC item

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    Congrats on the awesome back to backs.
    Truely amazing!

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    Damn! Great hits!


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    Quote Originally Posted by cardcollectorman View Post
    Where is the Russell Wilson?
    Funny thing is...that was one of my other few great hits of the year, but I sold it a few weeks back since I already had two PC Wilson AUs. Would have been kinda neat to have had the trio intact.

    Shiker - Let me check your bucket this weekend (at work now) I won't be too picky about moving those two so I am sure we can work something out.
    BUCKET: Hidden Content

    Always looking to add to my Giants PC and Inception PC.

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    Nice looking hits! Talk about some good luck.
    Maurice Jones-Drew, Ryan Moats, Bernard Pierce, Margus Hunt & Green Bay Packers game used
    Maurice Jones-Drew - Different: 901/3118 Total: 1143
    Ryan Moats - Different: 173/366

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