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Thread: Best Product to Pull a 1/1

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    Best Product to Pull a 1/1

    I have one goal in collecting left and that is to pull a 1/1 card. Does anyone have any suggestions of products I should look at?

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    Its gonna be hard to pull a 1/1 in any product... Like, really hard but I really dig the Blacks in Totally Certified.
    Looking for 2012 National Treasures on card silver (/99) rated rookie autos, 2006 SP Legendary Cuts inserts/numbered base and most Mets auto/GU.
    Also looking for Celtics Autos/GU and 2012 Totally Certified Gold
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    I pulled a 1/1 rookie printing plate of Chris Paul in 05-06 Topps Total hobby back in the day, a product with many printing plates despite being a low end product. Might try that one, especially if $ is a priority.
    Collecting Acie Law, Adam Morrison, Anthony Tolliver, Antoine Walker, and OKC Thunder (logo/name/uni somewhere on card; no Durant, please) - have lists: Hidden Content ; Hidden Content ; and Hidden Content
    Current Cavs players welcome, too
    Also collecting NBA UNI ONLY versions of Atomic Refractors, Essential Credentials, Legacies, Star Rubies
    BKB sets working on: 95-96 SP Holoviews; 00-01 Fleer Futures; 12-13 Prizm Downtown Bound Silver Prizms

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    Exquisite. Most high-end product and amazing to pull one. I broke a case of 04-05 and pulled the AK-47 1/1 sold it to a guy for $600. Pretty quick return. If you can pull a Logoman then you are set.
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    If you want to trade with me, I will not make the offer. If you would like to trade shoot me an offer.

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