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    Huge Dolphins PC add with a Shoutout.... Jason love please come in.

    Hey guys so as many of you know i got a huge package full of dolphins cards, autos patches duals rc's from Jason Love on SCF. Great guy and shows what this hobby is all about and having true fans of teams get great cards from another member online.
    Thanks alot Jason thanks.
    Jason PLEASE PM Me. Can't remember you Name on here.

    Here are some of the goods he sent me. Many others not scanned.But loved all the same.
    Valor Tannehill RC #/170 X2







    2012 Rookie Ink





    now a few items not from him that are new.
    Wanted one of these for a long time and finally got one for a good price
    07 Exquisite John Beck Patch auto #/

    12 Black Gold Olivier Vernon 25/25

    then 2 from pudge he added 2 sweet Derrick williams #/10 auto patch cards for my psu pc. He is a great guy and trader.


    thats it for now. Hope to have some new stuff in soon.

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    That is a seriously sweet L Miller Platinum! Nice additions. Very nice that you are giving shout-outs.

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    Nice stuff.
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    Great looking additions to the collection!

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    Grats! Nice Thill. Is it true you have 2? Hint Hint.... :D

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