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    Bring me your enforcers/goons/tough guys/agitators/pests etc.

    After getting back into the hobby earlier this year, I've found the focus of my collection to be on my favorite type of player, tough guys. I admired these guys as a kid and still do. So bring me ANY cards of guys that fall into this category. I am looking to complete the ITG Enforcers base set and am particularly interested in the following players in particular:

    - Bob Probert
    - Derek Boogard
    - Marty Mcsorely
    - Colton Orr
    - Frazer Mclaren
    - Matt Kassian
    - Tie Domi
    - Craig Coxe
    - Andrew Barnaby
    - Wade Belak
    - Andrew Peters
    - John Kordic
    - Georges Laraque

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    Hello I have:

    11-12 enforcers instigator prime ( blue swatch ) colton orr

    05-06 fleer ultra auto derek boogard

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    dig any of these? I also have some extra itg enforcers base

    2011-12 ITG Broad Street Boys 72 Donald Brashear
    2011-12 ITG Enforcers Combatants Dual Jersey Clark Gillies Red Dave Schultz Red C-24
    2011-12 ITG Enforcers Combatants Dual Jersey Andrew Peters Black Colton Orr White C-11
    2011-12 ITG Enforcers Instigator Jersey Bob Probert Red I-51
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    I collect Theo Fleury, Lyle Odelein, Gary Roberts & Dave Manson

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    - Bob Probert???
    - Marty Mcsorely
    - Tie Domi???
    - Georges Laraque

    I know I definitely have McSorley and Laraque... I have mostly Oilers stuff. I know I have a minors card for Laraque, just browsed by yesterday and put it in my junk box thinking no one will ever want it (I would send it to you for free just on the principle of irony if it wouldn't cost me $8 in postage because you live in Canada.

    I also have a bunch of Jagrs and Roenicks.

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    Fritz: Do you have a price for the Brashear and Probert?
    Obi: I have Mattingly, Jeter and Ichiro inserts, I'll get a list for you.

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    I have about 75 different Fighter, Goon, Punk, Stick-Hack players from 1986-2006. Probably around 400 cards or more, including about 40 inserts. Let me know if you would like a list via PM. It may take me some time to type it out, but I have them all together..

    There are NO Game-Used in this group, and perhaps only 4 or 5 Rookies. 87% base cards.

    Send me a PM as I won't return to this thread.



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    i have 2007-08 be a player dual auto of peters and laraque pm me if you are interested. also have 3 autos from einforcers product.

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    got these for $12 delivered

    Serial #d cards /25 or less
    Old School Rare Inserts/Box or Case Hits Any Player
    Young Guns of Great Players and High Prospects
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