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    New but already the fat kid in class

    I just signed up here the other day and wanted to sell a couple of baseballs and I got banged already with this No Trading, No Buying, No Nothing allowed. What am I suppose to do on this website if I can't trade or sell? I feel like the fat kid in class, can somebody make me feel better or tell me how I can get rid of that label? I'm looking forward to trading with you all...if i can!!

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    Huh. Never seen that before... Do you have a bad reputation elsewhere or something?

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    I've never been on one of these sites before, one of my buddies told me about it so I posted about some baseballs and then got hit with this tag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FatSacks View Post
    I've never been on one of these sites before, one of my buddies told me about it so I posted about some baseballs and then got hit with this tag.
    Well looking at your profile you only put a first name. So you might want to fix that. Folks who do not fill out a proper profile get that. Once you post a trade and someone agrees to it your information will be sent to that person with your name showing only James. Anything else just ask.

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    Welcome to SCF! Go to the top right hand corner on an page and click on "user cp".

    In there you can look on the left hand side and change any number of account items including "my profile" which contains your address etc. that is important because SCF unlike many other sites has a trade manager feature. It is a huge help to traders as you will find out but it does require that all of your information be complete. Your address will only be shared when you confirm a trade with another member.

    If you have any other questions or need anything at all, don't hesitate to PM me. Again welcome to SCF, we will get over this hump and you'll find it is a great community.


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    Welcome to SCF, not to worry I'm sure you'll get everything cleared up soon. I had a few traders that had the same problem as you did all it was is that there profiles were not complete which is what doniceage said.

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    Welcome to SCF. I can understand your frustration. What I'd recommend is taking a few minutes to browse through the site, seeing what goes where. There are different forums for trading, selling, showing off etc. As the others mentioned, make sure you update your profile. It's a quick and easy process as described above. Take the time to do this, and you will fall in love with this site. Any questions, feel free to send me a PM (click on my username and click private message). I'll do my best to help you out.
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    Welcome to the site.

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