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    In Suit Over Death, Boogaard’s Family Blames the N.H.L.

    The family of Derek Boogaard has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the National Hockey League.
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    If I remember correctly from the extensive NY Times article a year or so ago, his family knew and helped Derek get his pills. Not speaking as a Rangers fan (or "homer", whatever), but I find the fact that his family had knowledge of his substance abuse, and tried helping him by controlling his intake - shows this is far more than just the NHL's issue.

    I don't know what it's like to have a family member who's abusing meds or any substances, but wouldn't the logical step for a situation like this to be to put him in an institution (aka rehab facility) where professionals can help him? Instead of taking matters into your own hands as family, as you aren't trained professionals who really understand this problem?
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    uh, What?!?! The teams he played for, the "trained professionals" negligently gave him MASSIVE amounts of addictive painkillers to begin with, and when that F....ed him up so bad he couldn't even keep his balance in a practice, They sent him to a drug rehab center do undo what They did to the guy!!! Too little, too late!!!!
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    I'm not saying the NHL teams and their "good doctors" didn't give him meds. But if I remember correctly, it was also reported that Derek's brother (Aaron?) and his family tried to keep tabs of his drug use by controlling (or attempting to) how much Derek could get ; in essence, trying to control at the "distribution" point. That's why his brother was also arrested when the news broke. The problem was, Derek was getting more pills from outside sources aside from the source the family had (which was the stuff prescribed to him by team meds, or something like that).

    In the end, my point was: NHL prescribed him stuff, family took what was prescribed and tried to limit his intake but STILL let him abuse the drugs. Therefore, can't point fingers at JUST the NHL and their doctors.
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