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    Hockey Nova Scotia bans body checking at peewee level

    Nova Scotia has become the second province to ban body checking at all levels of peewee hockey, in an effort to reduce injuries for younger players.

    'We want to provide non-body checking options for players who want to play the game for fun without having to worry about the risk of injury.'
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    It's funny. I was a referee when BC finally, after years of being made fun of, allowed body checking in peewee. When they did that, peewee injuries went up but bantam injuries went WAY down in frequency and severity.

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    Good, these players will be entirely ignorant of how to accept and throw a solid bodycheck when entering juniors.

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    Um, maybe the point of pee-wee hockey is to First learn How to play hockey, which if I'm not mistaken includes how to give, and take body checks? Meh, why would anyone need to learn that skill. Of course I am assuming the average pee-wee coach has the knowledge to coach that skill, seems unlikely as even a lot of NHLer's don't know how to properly absorb a hit.
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