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    Special K

    Here is some recent international PC mail from Latvia. I must say these cards are VERY sharp, kudos to SeReal. These are my first international cards of Pavel, thanks for the look.

    (looks like it's from the shoulder patch) /199

    (The holographic design on this one is sweet) /250

    (looks like it's from the AS logo on the front of the jersey, layering) /199

    And finally my favorite
    (I love the design of these cards and the material from the letter has a 3D effect) /7

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    Those are AMAZING! I picked up a couple Malkins from that set but they don't even compare, especially the nameplate......congrats!!
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    Thanks for the comments! GO WINGS!!!

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    Yep, the people at SeReal have a knack for creating some beautiful cards. I personally like the look of those jersey cards as well as the KHL Without Borders and KHL Masks from last season.
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    Sweet cards!
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