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    Gotta Move These! Two Bowman Chrome RC Autos!

    Someone please take these off my hands! I don't collect baseball at all. I'd prefer to sell these (individually or together) but could trade for football only. Cards are in mint condition; marks are on the toploaders.

    2005 Bowman Chrome Mike Rodriguez RC AU
    2005 Bowman Chrome Pedro Lopez RC AU SOLD

    Let me know if you need these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aekdb535
    what do you want for the Lopez?
    $5 paypal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aekdb535
    Would you take $4?
    Sure, PM me and I'll get you my paypal address. Thanks!

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    daswheels- |Please check my tradelist for the Rodriguez:
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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