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Thread: A Team The Fans Love to Hate?

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    A Team The Fans Love to Hate?

    In all of our opinions, well, most, i'm sure we all think there is one team you either are a fan of, or have an undying hate for, no matter what team you are a fan of.
    In your opinion, who is that team? Who do you think everyone hates except their fans? Just curious!

    IMO, it's the New York Rangers.

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    As a Bruin's fan I used to loath the Hab's, but I have outgrown the "hate" thing, without them, what fun would the great rivalry be? Same with player's, just because they are not on my team, I may not be a fan, but I still respect their skills. Maybe the Coyotes or Panthers, just cause, who cares, wish one would move to Quebec, miss that crazy Habs/Nords rivalry!!

    Judging by this site though, to answer your question, seems a lot of fan's have a big hate-on for my team the most, the Bruin's.
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    Canucks, though nobody hates the team, just their illogical fans.

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    I would say the top 3 most hated teams are - Boston / Toronto / Vancouver
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    There's a couple different concepts being tossed around.

    I don't "love to hate" the Bruins; I just flat-out hate them and everything they stand for. I really hate that I'm often forced to admit just how good they are when they move away from the thuggery and just play hockey.

    Pittsburgh is a team that gets some spite and contempt thrown their way simply because they're winners. It's fun to see them get knocked down a peg every so often because most of the time they're just simply so good. Two of the best players in the NHL, stacked lineup, it's a little joy for folks when they stumble. The little All-Star Game voting competitions between Habs fans and Pens fans to get our "highly deserving goalies" in as the starter were fun.'s not so much that I enjoy it when they lose, but there is some joy taken when they don't win. Twitter tends to be hilarious on game nights when the Leafs come up short.

    I used to revel in the schadenfreude when the Canucks lost. I don't really anymore. Something about growing up surrounded by Canucks fans who were legitimately convinced that they were better than the Habs. But I moved past it and just kinda accept things for what they are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    Canucks, though nobody hates the team, just their illogical fans.
    Never heard everyone accuse the fans of diving more than the rest of the league. Just saying'...

    I'd say it used to be the Leafs, but how do you hate the guy in a coma? You can't.
    As a Canucks fan it often seems they are the most hated, to the point where people only say good things about them in a condescending or backhanded way. That, plus the way everyone else ragged on Luongo until it looked like he was getting traded and then had the nerve to say the Canucks fans were too hard on him. I don't remember any fans ragging on him on HotStove, but somebody was constantly, no matter if he played well or not.
    At the same time, as a Canucks fan, I find many friends who are fans of other teams who hate the Bruins as much as I do, so they must be doing something right too.

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    Bruins = Hate
    Canucks = Dislike
    Oilers = Annoying

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    As a hockey fan, the Canucks. As a Sharks fan, the Ducks. This is just me personally of course. The Canucks because they have the most players on any team right now where I hate the way they play the game (not going to elaborate, no point) and the Ducks because they can beat you equally with skill or rough play -- and the sharks have to see that frequently being a division rival.

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    ok this is gonna be weird, but right now i hate everything about the Canucks. I can not stand the diving, the constant whinning about how the league is out to get them, the fans for thinking that their dont stink. i can see why other fans hate the canucks and honestly i dont blame them at all. Maybe its cus i dont live there and never have, but i have lived in a hockey town (Boston) and they dont act like canucks fans.

    hopefully this offesason can change the team around a bit. AV is already gone, I think he had a lot to do with the diving. I never remember the Sedins spending so much time flopping. then maybe a few other divers get lost, Burrows or Kesler. Then get rid of 1 of the goalies. The constant media coverage is on par with Tebow and Teo of football.

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    I really just cannot stand the Rags. First of all...oh my, don't even get me started on the Coach. Torterella is probably the worst person you could be.
    "Hagelin stinks on the powerplay."
    Oh boy Tortellini, what a confidence boost for your players!
    And well...the rest is just personal hate. I was raised in an Islander house.

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