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    1 Case of 11/12 The Cup, Another Milestone passed!

    I've ripped many cases of The Cup and I must say this one has probably been the best!! No super high end autographs or cards of superstars but just a solid overall value and quality output of cards! The case was quite redemption heavy, put I'll take that any day to walk away without a RPA with a white patch. NEVER have I seen a case where every rookie is a multi-colored. To add to that wait till you see the reason for my thread title, I've often complained about never hitting this particular type of card, and the fact that it was pulled in Winnipeg at Superstars Sports makes it even that more special.

    Of course everything is for sale, except for the case hit (I need to think about whether selling it or not), ok onto the show!!

    I guess I won't be receiving this one, I will call Upper Deck to verify this is one of the cards he isn't signing.

    And the reason for the title!!

    Comments are appreciated, thanks for looking!!
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    awesome shield pull!!! and thats an amazing Sabres Trio too! Nice case
    Please check my inventory before my photobucket!!! It's more up to date!!!
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    WOW. Sick pull. Cant believe it came out of Superstars haha. Would love it but would have to trade you my motorcycle for it im sure.

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    Hey very nice case!! Very solid, and awesome dual shield. Please CMB if the dual Richards/vinny is ft. Thanks!

    Always looking to trade and sell! Photobucket- Hidden Content /yy

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    nice Saad rookie. Decent patch on the Irving as well, too bad he probably won't be a flame much longer.

    pm sent.

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    Shield aside, that is probably one of the nicer cases I've seen broken. Just a lot of nice, quality hits. The Shield puts it way over the top! Congrats. :)

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    How much for the Richards and stlouis?
    My main focus is anything pre 88-89 hockey and i collect 2 players from P.E.I., Brad Richards and Brandon Gormley
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    Awesome Hit on the shield. I just had to swap out my brodeur redemptions. Price on the Saad Please.


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