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    Exclamation Chris Paul Bowman Chrome Rc!!Hot Card!!

    I am selling a Chris Paul Bowman Chrome Rc. He is hot right now. The Hornets will make the playoffs and there may be more to come.

    Here is a recent ebay listing of the same card:

    The same card has sold at $13.55 shipped

    I only want to sell this card for $12.00 shipped


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    The book value went up from $15 to $20 this past month. And it's selling very well on ebay and is one of the hottest cards on the market.

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    Is there anyway you'd trade on it? I'd give like $25 in bv. Let me know.

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    i liked this:

    Luol Deng Sweet Shot Signature Shots bv:$15


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    I may be able to do that. Let me think it over and I'll get back to you.

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    Sure they will make the playoffs????????? NEXT YEAR maybe

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    yaofan- didn't see anything

    swill-i'll let you know if the deal with springwoodslasher doesn't work out

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