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Thread: HUGE Marino Item...

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    HUGE Marino Item...

    NOT a Card... an uncut sheet of 1987 Dolphins season tickets! Game 6 features Marino's pic and the game is vs. his hometown team PITTSBURGH
    Game 9 Depicts DON SHULA and game 1 is JOE ROBIE STADIUM (1st game there- Pre-season vs. Bears)...

    Absolutely a must for the big Marino-hunter! The tix issue price was $26 per... My uncle paid $350 for them prior to the season and then was too ill to attend any of the games- he passed away after the 3rd game... I'd just like to pass these on to someone who can really appreciate them since I'm in a financial pickle... entertaining offers- I have no $ but a good amount of sentiment into the item... and living 90 mins from the Burgh I could move to a schister for $50 who'd just do a quick for-profit flip # on this, but I'd rather see it go to a good home... PM please. If it comes down to it, I'd sooner sell for $50 to a true collector...
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    Anyone who was pming in the old forum, note the switch to this one, please...

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    Single card BV 75-$100 may work as well as long as it's not Basketball BESIDES LeBron or Hockey BESIDES Crosby

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    GUYS & GIRLS- I'll trade this for a BIG lot of COMMON Game used cards... slap a BIG list together and try me

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