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Thread: 2005 auto rookies for trade

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    2005 auto rookies for trade

    2005 Bowman Chrome

    Derrick Johnson
    Channing Chowder
    Courtney Roby

    2005 Bowmans Best

    Derrick Johnson
    Darren Sproles
    Fabian Washington
    Larry Brackins
    Rasheed Marshall
    Jerome Mathis
    Noah Herron
    Matt Cassal
    Chad Owens

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    What are you looking for in return for the Derrick Johnson Bowman Chrome? Check my list please.

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    What is the Darren Sproles Bowmans Best Auto #ed to?


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    Hey man check my trade list interested in Channing Chowder,Coutrey Roby,and Matt Cassel

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    I am looking for Jets, Giants, Mark Bradley, and Ryan Moats. I would generally like autos for autos.

    Fact81 - My cards are at home and I am at work so I will check when I am by them latewr and get back to u.

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