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Thread: Buying Between the Pipes

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    Buying Between the Pipes

    Need These

    BTP 06/07

    GUJ01 Rogie Vachon
    GUJ09 Kari Lehtonen
    GUJ11 Antero Niittymaki
    GUJ18 Barry Brust
    GUJ28 Mathieu Garon
    GUJ34 Corey Crawford
    GUJ35 Andy Moog
    GUJ36 Jimmy Howard
    GUJ49 Terry Sawchuk
    GUJ54 Frank Brimsek
    GUJ63 Felix Potvin

    BTP 07/08
    CCJ01 Adam Munro
    CCJ28 Curtis McElhinney
    CCJ30 Hannu Toivonen
    CCJ40 Tyler Weiman
    CCJ45 Jean-Sebastian Giguere
    CCJ52 Dan Bouchard
    CCJ53 Curtis Sanford
    CCJ57 Kevin Lalande
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    I have a 2 color Corey Crawford jersey from 06-07.
    My main focus is anything pre 88-89 hockey and i collect 2 players from P.E.I., Brad Richards and Brandon Gormley
    my for sale or trade link
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    Have these:

    CCJ53 Curtis Sanford

    CCJ52 Dan Bouchard

    CCJ28 Curtis McElhinney

    Just drop me a pm and we can chat about a price.

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    Just got these

    Roberto Luongo
    Hannu Toivonen
    Jason Bacashihua
    Pekka Rinne
    Andrew Penner
    Cristobal Huet
    Tim Thomas
    J-S Aubin
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