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    Luck Crown Royale Patch Auto /49 & Luck/RG3 Magic Dual Auto /25 FS/FT

    I have these FS/FT. The sell value prices I am looking for are listed above each pic. I am looking for simmilar highend in return, nothing specific, just whatever catches my eye. This includes football, baseball, basketball & Hockey. I am not looking to trade down much, unless it is in my favor. Feel free to post or PM, but PM works best. I will check buckets, only if you have a highend section.


    Scan 15.jpg

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    interested in several. please cmb and lmk thanks!
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    I trade by bv, sv, whichever makes the most sense in that deal. Don't expect me to accept a deal that you wouldn't if the roles were reversed!! Will get to the PO when I can. Let me know when you plan to send out unless you are MSF.

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    CJarman01- Nice stuff, but nothing I like more than these, thanks for the interest.

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    Please CMB and lmk if there is anything that you are interested in. Thanks

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    CMB for the dual please... Thanks
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    Interested in a bunch. PM me if you liked anything. Have high end hockey and football in seperate folders. Also scanning some new stuff here shortly.

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    J Hey Kid 22- Yes I did, sorry about that. PM coming

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